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Green cones

Green cones

It is my favorite free photo of nature. I like nice young green cones. First cone have a nice shag. It is sharp photo and all of green. Photo was taken in summer 2006 in polish forest.


Green cones
Beautiful red flower
Red fruits
Photo of hoya
Spring photo of crocus. It is violet crocus.
Yellow crocuses - spring 2007
Macro photo inside of crocus
Yellow viola
Red tulip
Polish corn on the kaszuby cornfield.
Beautiful polish mushroom. Photo of musroom.
Corn's photo. Vice picture of polish plants.
Photo of beautiful wild rose
Red flower. Macro photo of the red flower.
Red fruits
Beautiful rose.
White stork. Photo of the nature.
Ridding on the white swan.
Flower of teasel. Photo of teasel flower.

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